Ju Chia Lee







Product Design


Capso is a speaker set that creates an ideal working ambiance for digital nomads. It equipped both directive speaker mode, regular speaker mode, and a reading light function. The directive speaker mode allows users to enjoy their music privately in a public co-working space without earphones or earbuds. The regular speaker mode enable users to share music with their friends when they work together. The Primary and Secondary research of this project was cooperated with Cheng Fu Hsieh.


Create satisfactory working ambiance for digital nomads

The digital nomad lifestyle is rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways to live. The rapid development of portable technology offers a growing trend of modern nomads. Digital nomads are always looking for suitable work spaces when they move to a new place. Some prefer to work in co-working places, and some prefer to find coffee shops in different cities. Based on the research that I did with Cheng Fu Hsieh, we found that digital nomads are especially concerned with environmental lighting and sound when they are looking for work spaces for themselves. However, most of those places are not suitable for work because of insufficient lighting and distracting external stimuli. It could be improved if they have a kit to fix these deficiencies.


The kit to create a perfect work environment

Capso equipped two speaker modes: directive mode and regular mode. It is designed for digital nomads to satisfy their needs in different work environments. Directional mode allows users to enjoy their audio space in public spaces, and regular mode enables users to share their music with friends when they are working together. Furthermore, the case of Capso is also a reading light. It serves as a support light source when its users are in a dark place.


Directional speaker mode

When users work in a public space, they can turn the head of the speaker to face themselves, and it will automatically activate the parametric sound device to play music only for them. Unlike traditional loudspeakers, parametric speakers are more like a laser beam, with the sound focused with high intensity into a relatively small area. The angle of the parametric sound device is forty degrees and face to users . It is designed for people who work at a desk or a coffee table.


Regular speaker mode

When users are with friends and want to share their music, they can turn the head of the Capso speaker vertically. This will trigger the regular loudspeaker device, and its sound will be heard by all of the people around it.


All-in-one speaker case

為To enhance the portability of Capso speaker, the set is bundled with a semi-transparent case. This case is made of cloudy and durable TPU. It provides sturdy protection when the user puts the CAP in their backpack. The case can also be used as a reading light. There are three adjustable LED light bulbs bringing up to 1000 lumen lighting when users are working in a dark place. The top of the case stores one speaker charger cable and one smart phone cable, so users will never forgot to bring their charger cable for the speaker.