Ju Chia Lee
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Product Design


AURA is a headset designed to reduce jet-lag in business travelers frequently crossing different time zones. It provides a personal landscape of relaxation through immersive VR that incorporates light/sound therapy.

Desgin Team

Ju Chia Lee - CAD, 3D Rendering, UI/UX
John Cao - Concept, CMF
Cheng Fu Hsieh - CAD, Physical Prototyping
Ming Hung Lin - UI/UX, Physical Prototyping


Jet-lag issues

There are 30 million frequent flyers based in the USA. Ninety-four percent of them suffer from jet lag caused by prolonged bio-clock disruption. A jet lag suffer may experience a number of physical and emotional symptom. The aftermath of jet lag invades their well-being, spreading into both work and social life. Although numerous ways to reduce the impact of jet lag already exist, such as medcine and jet lag apps, all of them are associated with certain restrictions and side effects. Our goal is to develop a device using current technologies to reduce jet lag. The solution will work for most people and it will be customisable.  

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The VR headset that reduce jet lag

AURA is a VR system that is designed for reducing jet lag. Through our research, we discovered that its critical to execute treatments to jet lag when travelers are on their flight. Based on travelers' destinations, some of them have to stay awake, some have to fall asleep in a specific period. For this reason, AURA creates a meditatively personal space that isolates the traveler in a scenery of his preference, to assist travelers to fall asleep as soon as possible. AURA provides a various VR theme, such as universe, forest, ocean and canyon. Users can choose different sound tracks and environments that best accommodate their taste. 

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Sound/Light Therapies and roller controllers

Besides virtual reality, the AURA headset-equipped light therapy and sound therapy, will activate automatically when users put on the headset on the plane. These functions are designed to accommodate users’ bio-clocks to different time zones during travelling. There are two rollers on two sides of the AURA headset. These rollers are controllers of the VR interface, and allow users to adjust the audio settings.

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The charger solution

The AURA headset is equipped with an induction charging cable. When users need to charge the device, they can attach the cable to the headset magnetically. The indicator light will display the progress while charging.

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The headphone mode

When users finish using AURA's VR function, they can fold the AURA headset to a normal headphone. The wings on the headset are made of flexible ABS for a perfect fit on different heads. They are padded with soft memory foam and fabric so users can comfortably lean their heads on an airplane to maximize comfort.


AURA mobile app

To accelerate and aid a time-zone change, the AURA app uses AURA plan to inform its user of jet-lag solutions during the trip. AURA app syncs with user's travel itinerary and make custom plans accordingly. The custom made plan suggests user the best time to sound therapy, light therapy and immersive VR. User can choose different sound tracks and environment that best accommodating their taste while following the AURA plan.